SEL and event management

Over the years, sport has increasingly become both entertainment and an opportunity for interaction: a sporting event does not only include competition but also fringe activities that are often just as important.


SEL, which has traditionally been committed to sport, has expanded the scope of its services to cover all events connected with competition, such as meetings between the teams and the organizers, awards ceremonies, and big promotional events for sporting federations, teams and sponsors.

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This led to the creation of a new division which, in cooperation with our partner Ventana Group, and with the support of the best operators in the sector, can oversee not only the logistics, but also all organizational aspects for any kind of event.


Following receipt of the guidelines provided by our customers, we submit a feasibility study which also includes a detailed estimate of costs; we can see to the promotion and the search for sponsors and, obviously, we can look after your guests, from the first contact to their accommodation. Our goal is to contribute to the success of an unforgettable event.