2019 Universiade has officially started

What a show to remember it was yesterday’s Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade Opening Ceremony!


At the Stadio San Paolo there was an incredible number of people supporting the athletes who came from all over the world.


And all of them live in the fantastic Village built at the Naples’ harbour, with multiple cruise ships adapted as homes for them.


Thanks to the buses managed by Team SEL they moved yesterday to the Mostra d’Oltremare Official, where they rejoined with all their countrymen and went to the parade start at the stadium.


They walked between all the barriers that the porters, managed by SEL, placed in the afternoon and collected during the night, when the show was over.


The event was great, but not short, so all the thirsty ones had the possibility to drink water bottles delivered during the day by Team SEL, because the heat has no pity for anyone.


But after the Ceremony’s end, all the athletes went back to the village, to have a nice sleep and get prepared for today’s beginning of the 2019 Universiade.


Let’s the show begin!