30 motorbikes on the way to Losail, Qatar, for Promo Racing

Turin – November 26, 2019


Last Friday and Saturday Team SEL was in Anzola dell’Emilia to take on 30 motorcycles of private owners, which through the Promo Racing organizer, will be shipped to Doha, Qatar, to the prestigious Losail circuit, for a two-day driving experience on the track.


The owners delivered their beloved motorcycles to the expert hands of our team, who prepared them for transport to Laspezia and later for the loading on a container ship with destination the port of Amad, Qatar.


The motorbikes will arrive at their destination in early January and will be delivered to the circuit paddock a few days before the start of the event, which will take place during the day and night on 13 and 14 January.


“Team SEL is working to strenghten the collaboration with Promo Racing with the aim to provide land transport services for all the upcoming 2020 events across Europe”- said Marco Raviolo SEL Manager.