An other good news for SEL. We are supplying logistics services to the Universiade of Naples 2019

Turin – June 18, 2019


SEL, jointly with its partner Salerno Trasporti Srl, is supplying the logistics services for the Universiade of Naples 2019.


Services to Universiade 2019 include warehousing, handling, transport of goods and materials necessary for competitions, trainings and all the activities planned for the running of the event.


All materials, after customs clearance operations and security screening, are stored in a dedicated warehouse.


Transport and delivery is executed on demand, on a daily basis, to the over 40 venues dislocated in all the Campania Region.


A crew of porters, managed by SEL, are on site for unloading and delivering the materials to the exact spot in the venue and, when necessary, for the setting up.


Team SEL is overseeing all the delivery and unloading operations at the various venues, and will manage a overall number of 100 porters per day, which, during the peaks, could reach 140 units.


First operations kicked off last week and will continue also after the games, till the end of July.


SEL, in particular, is responsible for the project management of the entire logistics activity that is expected to last until October.


Enrico Granozio, Project Manager Universiade 2019: “ It is a great opportunity for SEL being part of this great organizational machine. We have put in place a dedicated structure of competent and experienced staff for the execution of the  service. Thanks to our IT system, developed for the purpose, we will be able to collect and track all daily transport and delivery requests at the venues and provide detailed reports. We are ready to let the games start”