Cargo successfully delivered to the MXGP of China in Shanghai

Shanghai – September 13, 2019


All crates, fuel drums and containers of MXGP teams and suppliers were successfully delivered at the right place and time to the paddock hospitalities of the Shanghai International off-road circuit for the last round of the MXGP World Championship 2019.


The crates, containing motorbikes and teams’ equipment, were shipped via airfreight from Istambul airport to Shanghai last Monday, the day after the conclusion of the second-last MXGP race in Afyon.


The fuel drums, were sent from Europe in conjunction with the cargo leaving to Turkey, at the end of August, while 1×20 container with Pirelli tires and equipment had been sent earlier via ocean freight.


With two events just one week apart one from the other, in Turkey and China, it was very important to oversee with extreme accuracy all logistics operations so that every activity was carried out on time and precisely.


We are very satisfied with the work done so far.


Let us now start the last MXGP race week-end of the season.