It’s time for FAIR PLAY


SEL is going to attend to the XX edition of International Fair Play Award – Menarini.

The Event takes place in Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo).


We are proud to be beside of our friend Comitato Fair Play and we are glad to take part of this amazing and important Award, which crowns the Ambassador of the real deep spirit of Sport: the equality of aims, the common inclination, the sharing of an ideal which has its ethical and moral meaning of being a symbol of integrity.


To win the Fair Play award is truly a recognition for a feat/victory which marked the sport history, but is especially something that really begins in the very moment of the awarding, because the winners are vested with the important task of promoting and spreading the very real spirit of Fair Play through its essence: they become Fair Play Ambassadors in the World, they become the living models of sportsmanship, courage, strength and determination in defense the highest values.


SEL wants to thanks all the Champions who reconfirm their commitment each year, who promote their nobility above an ordinary result every day, because thorough their example they teach us that one can became champion honoring the value and the respect for the opponent, one’s own limits and those of the other whit great tolerance and strong sense of support, always chasing after a dream: to better oneself improving what one meets along one’s path.


In this way the Prize becomes Life, it crowns the great champions of the past, recent or far as it is, storing the greatest and most difficult task for the future: to be living models.


Thank you to all the Ambassadors of Fair Play in the World.