What today is known as an efficient organization serving its customers all over the world has been shaped through the years by the professional competence and the passion of its leader, Pier Carlo Bottero.

For over 20 years, Mr. Bottero and his team have been involved in a successful activity dealing with logistics and transport for sports events, which has expanded to other highly-specialized sectors. This job requires thorough competence and complete dedication due to the difficulty and complexity of moving materials in a timely manner; these are keystone qualities in our organization.


Offering logistics and transport services for world championships means being able to cope with long distances and different cultures and languages, as well as learning and following the rules of each country.


SEL is a team-structured company where each team is engaged in a specific field of action. Here, experienced task forces made up of young and dynamic people from all over the world put to good use their deep knowledge of the specific sector they are entrusted with. They are always ready to reach a new destination with the same enthusiasm that is the hallmark of a dynamic management capable standoff standing up to an often exhausting pace of work. And that is possible because they are constantly supported by the professional competence and the passion characterizing our job.


Focus on sport and much more

Over the past 20 years, we have brought our logistics services to a wide range of sports. Being an established leader in transport facilities applied to sports means that we can rely on our specific competence and ability to diversify our services according to the requirements of each sector.


Seeing to the location issues connected with a sports event implies not only transferring athletes and equipment, but also providing for all that is closely connected with it, from catering to the most advanced kinds of fuels.


This activity has allowed us to broaden our horizon outside the sports world, including all those fields where we have made the most of our experience and offered it to other customers. This has led to the creation of various departments dealing with travel, logistics and special services.

The human and technological factor

Sport is passion, and the people who have turned their passion into a career. From a technical point of view, an efficient team and a successful management are excellent ingredients which, together with the indispensable human factor, enable us to reach any goal to the full satisfaction of all our customers.


In order to achieve this goal, we use the latest technologies so that we can carry out our work with efficiency, rapidity and precision. That is why in recent years we have increased our investments to supply us with the best IT infrastructures and the most advanced technological instruments.

A tailor-made service

No other company is as good as we are in cultivating relationships with our historical customers as well as tuning in to the new ones. From the very beginning, we commit ourselves to understanding their requirements, we promptly adapt ourselves to their pace and anticipate their habits, and above all we share their irresistible desire for success. We are proud to be an essential part of their achievements.
Our integrated services cover any requirement connected with the transfer of equipment, materials and people. We see to all the various steps, including drawing up delivery notes, fulfilling custom clearance, welcoming people at their destination and providing solutions for unexpected situations they may have run into all along the way.


With SEL our customers are never left alone.