Special services with SEL

In order to carry out our work properly, we had to get to the heart of sporting contests and learn their functioning and needs; in short, we had to understand their complex inner workings. As far as logistics is concerned, every sport has its own peculiar set of problems due to strict timetables, environmental considerations, requirements of materials and, last but not least, delicate personal relationships. Over time, we have therefore learned to solve the big and small problems hidden “behind the scenes” of a special world which never ceases to challenge us.

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As a consequence, we have decided to use the experience we have gained in the sports sector to offer customized services in specific fields where a generic expertise in logistics and transport is not enough.

We can handle the transport of complex and delicate instruments such as those used for TV broadcasting or data registering services, valuable vehicles, or products needing special treatment such as racing fuels or tires that require storage in temperature-controlled rooms. In any circumstance, we are deeply knowledgeable with regard to packaging and transportation methods, as well the customs procedures and rules of each country. SEL can offer an on-time and reliable transport service with maximum safety, from loading to final delivery.

Whatever your special need may be, do not hesitate to contact us: we will find the best solution for you.


Special services