Since 1996 we have been Transportation Supplier for Dorna, the official promoter and organizer of the MotoGP World Championship.

In the past 18 years, there has been no race where champions such as Michael Doohan, Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez have competed without our effective support. Every race, every test, every event featured in the official world championship calendar cannot start without the delivery of the bikes which is strictly scheduled on the Tuesday before the weekend of races.


Therefore, as the paddock and the pits start to fill up, the bikes reach their destination thanks to the qualified contribution of the SEL Team devoted to MotoGP.


Inside the paddock, we manage the moving of the equipment and the instruments the teams need to set up the pits, and at the end of the race we collect the packaged materials.


When the show starts and its protagonists go on stage, we support the official promoter of the world championship by providing logistics and transport solutions: we handle the transport of the equipment for TV broadcasting and for the press room, as well as timing tools and onboard cameras.


The drawing up of transport documentation and shipment notes, as well as every single step in the customs clearance process, are carried out by our staff who offer a safe service supported by 20 years of experience and passion.



A Catalan by origin and in fact, he travelled far on his determination to succeed.
From the first placements in Supermoto rankings in his own country, he’s reached a pivotal position in the SEL team working on the MotoGP project.
“I was searching for some stimulus to grow professionally. Pier Bottero and SEL gave me all I needed to progress, and now I am looking to the future with great optimism.” Thanks to his analytical and observing spirit, he’s implemented several important projects that contributed to the development of systems that are useful in optimizing our job. Piercarlo Bottero says about him: “Expertise and passion can do much with determination.”