After taking our first steps in the SBK business, we have have become the Official Carrier for the World SBK

When we made our debut in the Superbike business more than 20 years ago, the Superbike World Championship was in its third edition. Those were the glory years of Ducati, when the French rider Raymond Roche won the world title.


That victory marked the beginning of a long adventure that has placed us among today’s foremost competitors in the history of motorsport.
Since our early experiences, we have always given high value to human relationships, establishing partnerships based on trust with the organizers. For this reason, as is the case with all the projects managed by SEL, the collaborators assigned to the SBK business have been chosen not only for their competence and professional background, but also for their passion for motorsport.



Inside the paddock, we supply every team with our services, arranging the transport of bikes and spare parts. At the same time, as the Official Carrier for the official promoter of the World Championship, we see to the transportation of all the equipment, including fuels and tires, as well as all TV, advertising and timekeepers’ material.



Born in Modena, Federico Cavani started working for SEL after earning a Degree in Business Economics in the “city of motors” and a Master in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics, and Infrastructure at Bocconi University, Milan. “All my colleagues at university have always dreamed of achieving this goal, but I managed to make this dream come true, so I think I am really lucky!”. Meticulous, reserved and reliable, Federico has supervised the Superbike as well as the Bobsleigh and Skeleton projects with great passion right from the first order. Piercarlo Bottero says about him: “We have great things in mind for him. He is efficient, enthusiastic and attentive. He has all the skills that are considered essential for our team.”