Since 2015 we have become the Official Carrier for the TCR International Series, official organizer and promoter of the world Touring Car championship.

Born out of Marcello Lotti passion and experience in various national and international Touring Car championships, TCR International Series is a championship that brings together from all over the world a maximum of 8 teams and 24 machines with affordable prices, in order to push manufacturers, teams and end users toward greater awareness and development of this type of touring car, by their very nature suitable for this kind of competition.

SEL as Official Carrier deals with logistics and moving cars and other material for the Official Teams, special services for tires and fuels, and handling the organization‘s material.



As always, in addition to this we take care of all aspects related to bureaucratic and customs procedures in Europe and the rest of the world.



Born in Modena, Federico Cavani started working for SEL after earning a Degree in Business Economics in the “city of motors” and a Master in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics, and Infrastructure at Bocconi University, Milan. “All my colleagues at university have always dreamed of achieving this goal, but I managed to make this dream come true, so I think I am really lucky!”. Meticulous, reserved and reliable, Federico has supervised the Superbike as well as the Bobsleigh and Skeleton projects with great passion right from the first order. Piercarlo Bottero says about him: “We have great things in mind for him. He is efficient, enthusiastic and attentive. He has all the skills that are considered essential for our team.”