Specific requirements for top-level competitions and special materials

The transport of items such as racing tires may be carried out by land, by sea, and by land again, and therefore may last several weeks. Consequently, it must be supervised step by step, and temperature control must be maintained as far as possible throughout the transport and storage process.


Products such as racing fuels need special treatment due to their high degree of danger. Moreover, since they do not comply with the standards of their ordinary equivalents, complex customs formalities are often required both for incoming and outgoing goods.


Samples of liquid or solid materials must be taken directly at the competition site and then transported for a long distance until they reach test laboratories certified by the relevant sports federations, making sure that no human nor environmental interference factor has altered the samples while in transit.


Should complicated stages such as preparation for transport, shipping, customs clearance or integrity warrant be a problem for the materials you need to move, SEL is the answer to all of your transport needs!