Tailor-made organization and transport for each event

Taking into account the need to move special equipment used for the production and broadcasting of weekly events and to manage quick transfers to different places all over the world, we have developed another line of business. This is a particular and critical area where we can show our customers that our staff are knowledgeable in all aspects of event management, from packaging to complicated transport procedures.


Over the years, TV production systems have been integrated with increasingly sophisticated equipment for the delivery of graphic services, which are an essential element in sports, as they allow viewers to follow the performances of their favourite athletes step by step.

On its turn, the production of TV graphics is connected with the precise world of timing surveys, where expensive and sensitive systems are also used.



Our partnership with Delta 3, a leading company in the coverage of live events worldwide, has allowed us to expand our service portfolio to the field of broadcast solutions, including very important events such as the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, the Ski World Cup, the FIFA World Cup and the IAAF World Championships in Athletics.