Mission successfully accomplished for the Universiade of Naples 2019

Turin – September 17, 2019



It has been two months already since the conclusion of the XXX Summer Universiade of Naples 2019, event which helped to relaunch the image of Naples and of the Campania Region at international level, in particular in the eyes of public, athletes, press and insiders.


118 were the participating countries, 8000 the athletes.


Many were the moments to remember for the excitement of the competitions, for the spectacularity of the opening and closing ceremonies, for the incredible response of the public, which overcame the expectations (300.000 spectators), for the great performance of the Italian Team, 6th in the medal table, obtaining 44 medals, of which 15 gold, 13 silver and 16 bronze.


The Universiade leave a great legacy to Naples and the Campania Region: a renewed tourist vocation (over 40.000 during the days of the event); totally restored and modernized sport infrastructures (70 disseminated in 21 municipalities of 5 provinces); an enhanced and strenghtend sporting movement; quality organizational skills for the management of great and complex multi sport events.


The organizer took advantage of many sector professionalities and external companies who provided fundamental services for the success of the event.


Among these, an important role was played by SEL, which as Official Bus Transport Service Provider, deployed a fleet of over 300 busses (including mini-busses, intercity and gran turismo), 500 drivers and 30 staff.


3 were the provinces connected with the competitive and non competitive venues: Naples, Salerno and Caserta. 260 were the bus lines. Over 70 were the venues reached, 30 of which were the competitive ones. 22 were the days of activity. 16 were the daily hours of service (7-23). 24 were the daily hours for the additional transports provided from and to the airport.


It was a challenge for SEL, which piece after piece, organised the activity, taking care of each single aspect of the service, interfacing with the organizing committee, identifying the most suitable locations, contractualizing the suppliers and selecting a team of more than 30 young and efficient collaborators.


Several difficulty factors were faced: a late started organizing committee, expected numbers different from the real ones, much larger, the multiplicity of interfaces, a beautiful but complex city, the chaotic traffic, the constantly occupied reserved lanes, the great distances in some cases and road connections not always efficient.


Thanks to the teamwork, the good organization, the coordination and the desire to do well, all the critical issues and contingencies were managed and resolved in a positive and effective way.


Nothing was left to chance.


Team SEL is satisfied with the brilliant results achieved, because all the services necessary for the transport of almost 8000 athletes, national and international technicians, media, volunteers have been guaranteed throughout the period of the event in a timely manner.


This difficult and stimulating challenge, due to the complexity of the project and the territory in which it took place, was certainly won by SEL.


We have proven to be reliable and competent suppliers, able to operate in varied and multifaceted contexts, where, in addition to the undisputed preparation and professionalism of the resources, great strength, determination and a lot of passion are needed.


Let’s relive the best moments of the Universiade of Naples 2019 with this video! Click here to watch.


SEL, we move passion, we move sport!