Logistics Operations at the Maritime Station

The two cruise ships moored in the Naples maritime station host more than 4.000 athletes and staff of the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade, from around 80 different countries, which makes the atmosphere super international.

Different languages, different habits, a lot of hard work for Team SEL, as explained by Francesco Bargelli, SEL logistics manager of the Village: “It was not easy to take measurements in such a delicate environment as the athletes village, given the large number of authorities and activities involved in the port area”.

More than this: “The entry and handling of the goods has had to adapt to the special security measures imposed by the authorities, to be able to operate safely and easily. I am happy with how the logistics team has managed to integrate within the village, by offering a punctual and impeccable service to the athletes and all the ARU functions present in the maritime station”.

A great responsibility, but also a great result, having been able to do it perfectly!