Last day of Bus Operations for the Summer Universiade of Naples 2019

Today it is the last day of the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade. Over 8000 persons have come to the Campania region in Italy to compete, or cooperate with the athletes, to create the magic of this event… and all of them had to travel!


From the airport to the village, from the hotel to the competition venue, from the practice field to the dinner locations they had to move with precision and punctuality. That’s why they had Team SEL ready to help them.


Marco Aimo, Bus Operations Project Chief, is really satisfied and proud of his team, which has worked to the fullest despite many difficulties. His team has grown to become over 30 people, divided into the 3 villages of Salerno, Caserta, Naples. Where the necessary services have been guaranteed and even emergencies have been resolved in a positive manner.