First Departures of Delegations managed by Team SEL

It is from Monday 8 July that part of Team SEL is active at the Maritime Station to better manage the first departures of the Delegations that begin to leave Naples.


Massimo Basso, logistics manager of DWC Capodichino Airport arrivals and departures, is stable with part of his team. 12 people are active, divided into 2 shifts, to cover the entire working day from the first light of dawn until late at night.


Their task, supported by the 4 vans for the transport of extra luggages, is to take care of the preparation and control of the transport documents, control and application of security seals for operational vehicles in delicate venues, transport and management of additional baggage and pick up and delivery of luggage and goods to delegations at the airport.


Because since the early days we already needed to think about who was leaving.