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Our mission is to provide logistical support for sports events, facilitating the transport of materials and travel management for athletes and teams. SEL's strength lies in project management skills, the ability to quickly resolve unforeseen events and teamwork. We take care of all organisational and logistical aspects, from documentation to coordination, with a dedicated project manager for each event. Our strategy and action are fundamental to the success of each project.


Our vision is driven by the passion for sport and the ambition of athletes, teams and organisers. We contribute to the realisation of great events, creating unforgettable experiences for participants. Each sporting victory pushes us to aim higher and higher. Our work is based on human relationships and global collaboration with people who share our passion. Like athletes, we believe in preparation and attention to detail to achieve our goals. We leave nothing to chance.


SEL - Sport & Events Logistics S.r.l. Società Benefit


Via Bruno Buozzi 28, 10024 Moncalieri (TO), Italy

Phone +39.011.3981200 – VAT no.: IT.09962330016

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