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Logistic Services for WRC 2023

In the dynamic context of the World Rally Championship (WRC) 2023, we proved our commitment by supplying logistic services, overcoming challenges, and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. 

Sea and Air Transport

We managed the transport of 3 containers by sea (20' and 40' HC) and 3 air shipments, involving 2 private teams and the broadcaster NEP. Our maritime service offer includes a turnkey roundtrip package for the overseas stages of WRC 2023, covering Mexico, Kenya, Chile, and Japan. For air transport, we handled the outbound and return of cars and spare parts to overseas destinations, delivering all materials for the event on time. 


The main challenges were related to meet delivery deadlines considering the organisational needs of our clients. Unstable maritime rates and extended transit times, caused by the effects of war and the need to bypass the Suez Canal, created significant issues. 


Despite the complexities, we successfully managed the encountered issues, ensuring that the goods entrusted to us returned to Europe from the final WRC 2023 stage (Rally Japan) to prepare for the new 2024 season. 


All shipments, both air and sea, were delivered on time for the scheduled events. The teams and the broadcaster NEP expressed utmost satisfaction with the service.


Pirelli WRC 2023

In the context of the World Rally Championship (WRC) 2023, Pirelli chose our logistic services to handle shipments by sea. 

Sea Transport Details

For Mexico, Kenya, Chile, and Japan, we organised the stage-by-stage transportation of 2 per 40' HC equipment containers. For each overseas stage, additional containers containing tyres with specific characteristics for each race terrain were shipped from Italy: 1 for Mexico, 1 for Kenya, 2 for Chile, and 3 for Japan. 

Complexities and Results

There was a significant instability in maritime rates and an increase in transit times, caused by the effects of war and the need to bypass the Suez Canal by sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. Despite the complexities, we maintained the punctual delivery of containers, including those with specific coverings, ensuring that Pirelli could provide the teams with tyres to compete.


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