SEL signed agreement with TCR for 2017 series

SEL signed agreement with TCR for 2017 series

Lugano – November 26

TCR Management have agreed another extension of services with SEL Logistics and SEL Travel for 2017.

TCR are seeing the popularity of TCR racing growing at a steady pace. With the consolidation of events in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the management have planned new event series in the Americas and the Baltics.

TCR have again retained the services of SEL to provide air and ocean freight, customs clearance, on site handling and supervision, and labour services.

Logistics and transportation will be performed by SEL team for the following series: TCR International, TCR Asia, TCR Las Americas, TCR Middle East.

“We are very proud to keep supporting with our professionalism and enthusiasm the growth of TCR series. We will keep performing our tasks at top level and keep the high standards achieved so far.” – said Pier Carlo Bottero, CEO SEL.


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