Case Study


ISL - International Swimming League




Travel management & Logistics




Season 03


Europe (Naples, Italy & Eindhoven, The Netherlands)





ISL - International Swimming League appointed SEL - Sport & Events Logistics for the Season 03, as Travel Manager & Logistics official provider to organise swimmers’ and staff’s itineraries and to move suppliers’ materials to their events and training campus.


Service: Sustainable Travel Management

• Definition of the best Travel Policy to avoid any extra budget;
• 140 continuous days of operation;
• 800 flight tickets purchased;
• 400 Train Tickets purchased;
• 321 Tickets changed due to the country by country - COVID-19 Travel Regulation Changes/Updates;
• 2000 single itineraries studied for approvals previous the purchase of the tickets giving priority to the purchase of flights, with a lower environmental impact;
• Daily report of the spending;


Service: Logistics

• Logistics support for shipment and delivery from ISL’s suppliers
• Groupage service with trucks
• Dedicated service with trucks
• Customs clearance
• Last Minute issue resolution


Open booking & reporting system

Through the "open booking" system and through the management reports, SEL provided ISL with a complete and meaningful analysis of their travel expenses to support them in their decision making process and to save them time and money, and to reduce any issues related to the purchase of flights.

As part of the services, SEL developed an ad-hoc online system for travellers registration. With just a few clicks, teams and staff had all the data from previous events at their fingertips. The use of this system reduced the time and improved the quality of information needed to process the hundreds of new travellers’ requests.

Using the data collected during the registration process, SEL provided strategic information for cost reduction. SEL was able to identify the teams with the highest travel costs, the flights subject to the greatest inflationary pressure (due to routing), and prioritise the order in which to process teams’ requests. In order to avoid ticket price increases, SEL planned a team-by-team purchasing schedule by first buying tickets with the highest risk of inflationary pressure (especially those with intercontinental routes), and then all others.

This project, in the course of its execution, had been affected several times by the historical pandemic moment. The COVID travel regulations evolved from week to week throughout ISL S03. As border restrictions were closed and lifted, SEL implemented a 're-booking procedure' to ensure a smooth and safe journey for all travellers, while paying close attention to cost control.


Flights calculated with average CO2 emissions KG/person

ICAO and IATA have developed a methodology to calculate the carbon emissions of air travel in compensation programmes. The ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator allows passengers to estimate the emissions attributed to their air travel. The methodology applies the best publicly available industry data to take into account various factors such as aircraft types, route specific data, passenger load factors and cargo carried. In line with ISL's requirements, SEL has prioritised the purchase of flights with a lower environmental impact.



Airline tickets issued


Train tickets issued


Days of work


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