International Day of Sport for Development and Peace


Today is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. This event, celebrated every year on 6 April, highlights the value of sport and the positive impact it has on individuals and communities around the world. 
Sport keeps us fit, healthy and physically active. Sport teaches us many things and helps us increase our self-confidence. It promotes physical and mental development and greater resistance to disease. 
There are many other positive effects of sport on society and people: sport is a powerful tool for strengthening social ties and promoting sustainable development, solidarity and respect for all, as well as fostering economic development and international cooperation. Sport helps to develop social integration, gender equality, brotherhood and peace. 
This year's theme, 'Scoring for People and the Planet', established by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), ties in with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Agenda and focuses on the impact and influence of sport on sustainable development and peace. 
The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace provides an opportunity to highlight every year the many contexts where sport is influential and inspires communities to create a positive world. 
This celebration reminds us how important sport is for the development of a healthy and prosperous society, also from an economic point of view. 
Being part of the sport business and contributing day by day with our services to the development of high quality sporting events can only inspire us and make us proud of our small contribution to the development of sport and society.  

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