SEL supports the Italian Sport Climbing Federation

SEL supports the Italian Sport Climbing Federation

Over the past year, SEL has served as the logistics partner for the Italian Sport Climbing Federation (FASI). SEL has organized the transfer of athletes and technical personnel for 26 events in 18 different countries.

SEL has provided comprehensive travel planning services, including flights, accommodations, transfers, and vehicle rentals for groups of all sizes, including groups with over 40 participants.

Coordinating international trips involves complex logistics, including flight reservations, accommodations, transfers, and vehicle rentals. SEL has managed all these components with precision and attention to detail.

During the trips, unexpected changes can occur, such as flight delays, cancellations, or itinerary adjustments. SEL has promptly adapted to these situations to ensure seamless travel.

SEL has been dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of the Federation, including particular accommodations and flight preferences. Attention to detail is one of SEL's core strengths.


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