A unique experience at the World Rally Championship with the Seat and Ralliart Teams

The World Rally Championship consists of a series of timed rallies where the winner is the racer who records the fastest time. Undisputed protagonists of this discipline, cars stand in the spotlight even more than drivers.
These “races run against the clock,” which also feature transfers and special stages, are driven on surfaces ranging from gravel, tarmac, and dirt roads to snow and ice, depending on the destination.
Considering the length of each rally, the high number of stages, and the wear of the car, the transport of spare parts, as well as the movement of cars, various fuel types and tires, become essential aspects for all the teams taking part in the competition.


During the 1999 and 2000 editions of the World Rally Championship we provided transport services to the Seat Team, and in 2012 we attended to the transfer of the Ralliart Team, Mini’s reference team.


Between 1999 and 2012, still supporting the World Rally Championship, we managed the transport of fuels and coordinated the transfer of some private teams, including the Nocentini Team and the Top Run Team.