The 2016 Motocross season draws to a close, and what a year it was!


Where – SEL Logistics & Travel – MXGP 2016

Date – October 13, 2016


20 events, in 15 different countries, over a 9-month calendar.

SEL, as Official Carrier and Official Travel Agency of the MXGP World Championship, has provided transport solutions and services of motorcycles, equipment, teams, riders and authorized personnel, covering more than 80,000 km with an estimate of over 90 hours of flying, across 4 continents.

SEL Logistics managed 65,000 kg around the world during the overseas rounds.

SEL Logistics engaged aircraft of B747-300 and B747-400-F-F for Europe/Qatar, Mexico/Europe, US/Europe, A380 for Qatar / Thailand – Thailand/Argentina and MD-11-F for Argentina/Mexico and Europe/US.

SEL Travel, granted a 24hr dedicated assistance at the over 350 passengers who flew,for each GP, during the overseas rounds, with a total duration of about 100 hours of flight time, using over 20 different airlines, reaching more than 25 airports in the world, booking more than 2.500 hotel’s nights.

Pier Carlo Bottero, CEO, SEL Sports & Events Logistics srl, – “”We are proud of the work done this year and we are already planning the 2017 season, in order to start our work with Teams for the next World MXGP Championship. Our aim is to be always beside our clients, raising up them from being busy with transportation and travel’s matters, to let them being focused on their work and on sport’s goals.“

Giuseppe Luongo, President, Youthstream, “SEL continue to be a solid performing partner for us, and the teams. Our objective is always to make the start line for the riders and the teams the best performance, and SEL Logistics go a long way in helping us achieve that”

Team SEL looking forward to 2017.